Local Wildlife

We have more than just sheep and seagulls to find on Skye.


Check out some examples of our wildlife below.

Get up close to our lovely seals on the Dunvegan Castle Boat Trips.

This is definitely a family favourite of ours!

You will also see a wide variety of sea birds and other wildlife on route.

If you're up for seeing the largest bird of prey in the UK (fourth largest eagle in the world), the Sea-Eagle, take a boat trip with a local tour-guide and get the chance to see this majestic giant in action. A wingspan of over 2m and standing about 1m in height these beasts are worth the trip.


If that doesn't fill your wildlife album there are many other sea dwellers regularly sighted from the boats, from dolphins and seals to whales and basking sharks, the boat trips from Portree harbour rarely disappoint!



The Red Deer is the biggest land mammal in the UK and the biggest populations are found on the West Coast of Scotland and the Isle of Skye.

Although they are known for their red coat in summer, you are more likely to see them in the winter, sporting a darker, slightly grey coat as they tend to come down from the hills in the winter months to graze.

Stags grow their iconic antlers late Autumn (rutting season) in preperation for battle over females.

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